The Studio

The Greek word “ίχνος”: /ˈi.xnɔs/ (íchnos)



Ιs the trace, the sign that walking leaves behind, but also consists every sign, each and every footprint. Metaphorically, it is anything left by the passage of a person or situation, while it also conveys the existence of a minimum quantity.


By conveying the concept of “ίχνος” in our field, we are pursuing this minimal intervention in a space, while creating a unique, characteristic footprint for each project.

The essence of our work is found in the balance between discreet and unpretentious works and their noticeable presence. It is all about projects that exude calmness and coexist harmoniously with the surrounding environment, without emphasising their significance. Each project is imbued with the same inherent quality- simplicity- creating functional solutions, with elevated aesthetics and unique identity. We believe that pure and minimal approaches enhance the expressive power of a work without removing its unique features that make us observe them again and again. Our work is sharp and distinct, focusing in high quality, details and durability over time.

The Team

George Daskalakis

Certified Architect Engineer, Technical University of Crete

George is an architect and founding member of ixnos architects, with many years of experience in the field of architectural studies and construction. His collaboration with architectural firms and construction companies from 2010 until today, in Athens and Crete, has been crucial for the development of his skills and the enrichment of his knowledge in issues such as the compilation of integrated architectural studies as well as construction site organization and supervision. He participated in architectural studies and supervisions for the construction of hotel complexes, residences and commercial shops in Athens, Corfu and Crete. Collaborating with Dimitris Tsakalakis, architect and professor at the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, he has been awarded the first prize for his participation in the National Architectural competitions for the renovation of the coastal front in Kum Kapi, Chania and for the renovation of “Schisma” square in Elounda, Crete and with the third prize for the study of promotion and reuse of Western Neorias in Heraklion. In addition, participating with ixnos architects in the National architectural competition for the renovation of Christ Square in Poros, he has won the second prize. His main occupation in the firm consists in the elaboration of architectural studies, the implementation of licensing procedures, the study of construction details and the construction site supervision.

Xanthi Baladima

Certified Architect Engineer, Technical University of Crete

Xanthi founded, together with George Daskalakis, the “ixnos architects” firm in 2018. She completed her studies as an architect engineer at the Technical University of Crete. Since 2012 she collaborates with architectural offices, technical and construction companies in Athens and Chania. Through these collaborations she participated in a number of studies and gained experience on projects of various scales. She deals with furniture design, renovation studies for residences and commercial shops, as well as the compilation of integrated architectural studies for residences and hotels. Participating with ixnos architects’ team in the National architectural competition for the renovation of Christ Square in Poros, she won the second prize. Her responsibilities in the firm include synthesis of the aesthetic framework of each project, elaboration of architectural and interior design studies, 3d modeling and visualization of the projects.

Awards & Press

Our firm won the 2nd Prize in the National Architectural Design Competition for the renovation of Christ Square in the Brinia area of the Municipality of Poros, in June 2019.

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